Be Your True Self

by Brig Sandell ( 

I used to believe that being your true self was only about standing by your opinions and expressing yourself exactly as you are, without fear of judgement.
As I’ve grown I’ve realized more and more that this is all bravado. That opinions are our exterior and expressing ourselves is simply a way to prove that we exist in a form we feel empowered in – nothing wrong with that, but it must come from a place of peace and inner knowing. When we achieve this, self-expression and opinions hold no ground. They simply exist and those urges to ‘stand by them’ melt away because they ARE you.

Being your true self is about honouring your every moment; both good and bad. It is about viewing life as a journey and seeing each moment as a building block to the greater goal you hold in your heart.
It is easy to shy away from the less than desirable moments in life; the moments when choices were less than ideal, your behavior didn’t reflect your truest self or your anger prevailed. It is just as easy to share the highlight reel of our lives. The moments where we win, where the kids and partner openly love us, where we reach goals and make it appear easy.
Honouring all of these is where the truth lies; because the hardships are our more raw moments. They encompass the broken and most humble version of us. They grate at our resilience and urge for more strength than we ever knew we had. These moments challenge our ability to find solutions, to think outside the square and to feel deeply as we muddle our way through to the light.
The amazing moments are those that allow us to hold hope; to bask in the light of our lives, with which we have created every moment, and feel gratitude for what has been granted in our lives. We share these moments openly and freely, because we hold pride in our achievements. There is no sign of hardship or shame.

To be true to self is to gift you the opportunity to REALLY get to know who you are. To really learn all there is to learn about the way you think, the way you feel, your triggers and your joys. When we deny these small moments of clarity, we ignore who we are and base our existence on society’s expectations of who we should be.
Learning how we work, what makes us tick, what drives us and what makes us melt are the grounding forces in our life. Further to this, we must identify the importance of acceptance. Accepting all of yourself is the only way to truly be you. We can identify how we function and still completely abandon ourselves in moments of “supposed” weakness. But when we truly accept ourselves, we see no weaknesses, only growth. We learn to love, and I mean really love, every ounce of our existence. Every response, every reaction, every word and thought, we see that we hold no flaws, only moments of grand expression of who we really are.

Living your life unapologetically, with full acceptance and RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, decisions and words is being your truest self.
It can be a journey to get there, but it all begins with identifying who you are and how you work; accepting these traits and owning them in an open and loving way, with no need to prove anything to anyone.
We must remember we all have a place on this earth and we all contribute in some way to every single person in our lives. Live the strongest version of you and love that person you see in the mirror. She/he is your greatest creation, greatest achievement and greatest teacher. She/he is the only one you can truly understand…no one else can hear your thought’s or feel your emotions to the depth or magnitude that you do. Honour your inner being and reunite with your truest self.

B xx

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