Beginning Your Wellness Journey with Yoga

Guest Bloggers ~ Melanie & Karlee from Holistically Living

So you’ve been trying to get to that local yoga class for a while, but something is holding you back?

Perhaps you feel a little unsure about entering a studio because you’ve never tried yoga before (or its been a long time between classes) and you feel like everyone is going to notice you cant touch your toes!

Yoga is so good for our body, our mind and our soul. So many people love the idea of starting up a yoga practice but the thought of actually attending a class scares them so they never try.

It can be daunting the first few times, (a bit like starting school!), but after a few classes you will feel so comfortable and really start to enjoy and notice the benefits. Plus you’ll quickly realize that yoga isn’t about touching your toes and many classes are filled with students of all levels and abilities.


Here are 6 tips that we’ve learnt as both yoga students and yoga teachers to help make it an easy transition for you.


  1. Find a beginner’s class. 

Call the yoga studio or gym before booking in to ensure the class you are interested in is suitable for beginners. Some classes will cater for all levels, while others will be specific to beginners.


  1. Take it slow. 

Starting anything new can be challenging the first few weeks, so take it slow and listen to your body. Don’t try to push yourself to keep up with the person on the mat next to you who may have been practicing for years. Be gentle with yourself and know that in good time you will start to get more and more familiar with each asana (pose) and become more flexible and increase strength.


  1. Remember to Breathe. 

Slowing the breathe and focusing on each inhale and exhale that you take is more important than being able to reach behind your back or tuck your right arm behind you left knee! 


  1. Don’t give up. 

Once you have found a studio, teacher and style of yoga you enjoy commit to at least 8-10 classes. This way you will learn the routine and start to find it so much easier and more enjoyable.


  1. Don’t be afraid to use props. 

If the studio you are attending has props such as blankets, straps and blocks, we highly suggest you use them. The props are there to guide you in and out of poses and will make things easier and more comfortable. Even intermediate to advanced yoga students use props at different times. 


  1. Ask lots of questions.

There is no need to feel shy about speaking up in a yoga class. If you are unsure about a pose or what to do just ask your teacher and they will assist you, especially if you are in a beginners class. If speaking during the class doesn’t feel right, save your question for the end.


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Melanie & Karlee


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