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Yoga in today’s world continues to expand, morph and diversify to meet the demands of the modern yogi. Rather than dilute the essence of yoga, these transformations allow us to develop our own unique relationship with this age old practice. Now more than ever before, we can discover new ways for yoga to positively infiltrate our lives, jumping onto our mat when, where, and how we like.  

Online yoga has been a game-changing advancement in the yoga world and only continues to grow in popularity and demand.  Online yoga is affordable, you can enjoy the privacy of your own space, and you can take your yoga studio with you anywhere you go. Taking the digital arena one giant leap forwards, LIVE streamed classes bring an entire new dynamic and energy to online yoga. Live streamed classes offer the best of both worlds; a unique fusion that brings the energy and dynamics of a studio class into the private sanctuary of your own living room. 

There are a few more key elements that set live yoga classes aside from other online platforms. Perhaps above all, live classes are raw and real. There are no edits, no polishing, no hiding. There is a power and vulnerability that builds relationships, trust and 

dedication. As the ancient art of yoga joins the digital age in cyber space, it allows new elements to enhance the experience of yoga. Let’s dive into a few of these now.


From yoga classes to festivals to retreats to trainings- yoga builds community. For many people today, building and fostering communities online is our primary way of engaging. In a live streamed yoga class, you cannot help but feel part of something alive and in motion; there is a tangible energy to a live class where you know you are practicing with people all over the world at that very moment. The online platform also allows you to stay connected outside of classes. Start a conversation with your teacher or make a yoga date with someone on the other side of the world!


While live yoga classes can help us connect to the greater world, they also have a powerful ability to connect us to our own self in a deeper way. The digital realm maintains that very special connection that comes through the practice of yoga, while the live element has a greater power to transport you into the present moment. This isn’t a recording, there is no pause button- this is your invitation to show up and dedicate this time to yourself. Live classes are a simple and powerful way to stay connected, inspired and committed to your wellbeing and personal growth.


Live streaming creates a distinct comradery within the energy of the class. There is an accountability- you are not alone, you’re there right alongside the teacher and other students. This establishes a discipline and commitment that pushes you to get on your mat, and to remain there for the duration of the practice. This comradery strengthens over time, encouraging you to set that reminder on your phone to get to class, knowing that your favourite teacher is eagerly awaiting your arrival. 


Let’s face it, we love choice. Live yoga classes offer you a timetable that allows you to browse, schedule and chose the classes you wish dive into. You have the ability to select from different teachers, various styles, guest lectures and special workshops. Live online classes offer you the freedom and flexibility you are used to with a studio, but with the added benefit of not needing to rush out the door, find a carp park, find a baby sitter or worry about what your yoga attire may look like! 


Perhaps you’re new to yoga and feel self-conscious in a studio. Perhaps you feel intimidated or find it hard to focus in a room full of other people. Live classes enable you to develop your practice in a comfortable environment whilst having the support of a teacher right there with you. Questions after class? Send a message to your teacher and ask those questions you haven’t had the time or courage to ask person to person. 

Live streamed classes really do offer the best of both worlds- taking all the things you love about a studio class into your own home.

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Lauren Verona is a passionate business woman, yoga teacher and business mentor who has created and grown four thriving yoga communities across Australia including Australia's first LIVE online yoga studio. Lauren’s energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious and over the past 10 years Lauren has guided hundreds of people to connect with their true sense of purpose so that they can become the best version of themselves.

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