Growing Your Home Yoga Practice

During this unusual time in our lives, we are finding ourselves at home, possibly with more time and energy for the things we love or the projects we always wanted to do. Some of us are baking up a storm and keeping busy in the kitchen. Others are gardening and connecting to Earth in the great outdoors. And many of us have set up a mini yoga studio at our home, knowing that a regular yoga practice is now more important than ever. 

I've been practising yoga regularly for about 15 years now yet I've never had a strong home practice. I loved (and still do!) stepping into a beautiful yoga studio, soaking in the calm atmosphere and sharing my practice with other same minded people. I really miss that now. There is something magical about breathing, healing, moving together. 
As a yoga teacher, I miss my lovely students and seeing the post-yoga glow in their faces. I miss the little conversations we exchange before and after class. And of course, I miss teaching to a class full of beautiful souls who all have the intention of inviting more mindfulness into their lives.

Being "stuck" at home has it's magic too. I found that taking my practice home inspires me to create a little sanctuary and my own yoga spot - even though it's in my son's bedroom. Salt lamp, always unrolled yoga mat & bolster, eye pillow and a yoga essential oils mist  - all ready to support me whenever I have chance to step on my mat, which is now more often than ever before. My practice now involves my family more - my little one crawling under or onto me, breathing with me, or putting my eye pillow on his eyes pretending to rest in a 10 second Shavasana. My husband joining me for a stretch or two. As many of you know, it's not always easy to get our family into yoga - now is our chance to gently guide them and show them how amazing and easy yoga is! This just might be the time when the whole family discovers the beauty and magic of yoga. 

I know very well that home practice is not always this peaceful 60 minute bliss session. With our family just outside of the door, or our pets taking a nap on our mat, we might feel a bit distracted or even frustrated. Take these distractions and see if you can just witness them - as a part of your practice. Can you find contentment, peace, and focus even when you have to improvise or your practice didn't quite go as expected? 

The thing about yoga practice is, it's always evolving, transforming, and never quite predictable - like life itself. 

If you are looking for a wonderful online studio that's super easy to use and contains many different types of yoga, check out Light Space Yoga Online. You can take some lovely classes with me as well as other wonderful teachers. 

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Happy practicing! 

With love & light, 


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