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Today we are lucky to chat with Harmony, a dedicated yogi, inspiring woman, and the founder of HIActive! 

Tell us about your yoga journey!

My Yoga Journey started about 15 yrs ago. For as long as I can remember I loved physical activity, dance & the freedom of moving my body. However I felt that my body required a different form of self love ... one that was more gentle and allowed it to open up. Over the years I had become quite "tight" from a lot of strenuous cardio and strength workouts so I needed something to complement my training. Needles to say my yoga journey, like many started with the physical practice of Asana's. It was not until I kept up a regular practice that I realised the true essence of Yoga and its benefits that go beyond the physical practice. Yoga is a lifestyle for me now, both on and off the Mat.
My fav yoga would be a really good yoga flow/vinyasa class, however I am also loving Yin Yoga ATM.

When did you realise you'd like to teach and how was your yoga teacher training? 

I am a registered nurse by trade (14yrs), however as long as I have been nursing I have also been a Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor. I taught mostly bootcamp, boxing and pilates. I knew that one day I would love to teach Yoga too but didn't feel "ready" for some reason. I also felt that I wanted to keep the practice seperate from my "work" or "job" as I didn't want to loose the beauty and joy it gave me personally. If I only I knew back then what I know now ... The love and beauty of the practice only grows as I share it with others. 
Eventually I decided to enrol in YTT & at first enrolled for my own personal development as I love to keep learning and educating myself for personal growth. I started with a 350hr YTT and realised that what I had to offer in the way of sharing yoga was special, so I decided to take it a step further and teach this beautiful Art. I am so grateful that I did as it is now the majority of the "work" I do & have only found my love for the practice increases the more I share it with my students. It has also helped me to learn and discover more and more about this ancient  practice.

What does yoga practice and teaching bring to your life?

Absolute joy and a sense of purpose. Immense personal growth as I never stop learning. It is a practice that keeps giving.

How do you manage running a business, being a super-mum, and have time for self-care?

I'm still working on "managing" this one haha. I run my activewear business ( - we have just rebranded from Harmony Inspired Activewear to HIActive), I teach multiple yoga and pilates classes a week, I offer yoga and pilates mentorship programs and private lesson - soon to be offering online classes and course (, I am a mother of twin boys aged 6 who are in year 1 at school and still work as a nurse at Gwinganna Lifestyle retreat. 
To manage all of my jobs I really had to scale back this year and learn how to say NO to what does not serve my higher purpose or make my heart jump with a big YES! I resigned from my corporate nursing job at QLD health late last year and took on a more wholistic role as the nurse at Gwinganna, scaled down my classes so that I can teach with heart and passion and be 100 present for my students. 
I write up a weekly schedule on Sunday night so that the whole family knows exactly what is going on throughout the week including the twins sport and school activities. I have had to allocate "work" time at home and be more consistent with boundaries for myself so that I only work allocated hours allowing myself to spend quality time with the children & my husband when they are home, keeping our weekends sacred & also giving myself some space and time to nourish my soul.
For my own self care I practice Yoga, Meditate, go to pilates, run and do Muay Thai boxing. I also love to read a good book, listen to inspiring podcasts and schedule in a Thai massage at least 1x a month. 
Our family loves to travel and adventure together so I make sure that we get away at least 2x a year to really switch off and spend quality time together creating memories. We love to go on a family skateboarding outing or to the beach to surf and play in the ocean. 

What's your favourite mantra/affirmation? 

The affirmation I use daily & have also built my business around is "Live an Inspired Life". The word Inspire means “In-Spirit”, to live an inspired life simply means to live in your true spirit. When you live in spirit (an inspired life) you let your light shine and help others to live in their true spirit too.

Where you can reach Harmony?


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