Spring Intentions

by Brigid Sandell

Spring has definitely shown her beauty already and it falls alongside a potent full moon to support a truly deep internal shedding for a lot of people.

You may be feeling it, or you maybe feeling the intense unveiling of your personal power.
Either way, both breed personal authority and such a beautiful portal into transformation which feels so poignant at this time.
We forget that we are deeply intertwined energetically with Mother Nature and as she transitions through seasons as do we. Honouring this within yourself us the most divine act we can gift ourselves.

This Spring bring some greater challenges as we navigate what feels like the 150th month of lock-down and not seeing our loved ones in the capacity we would like.
But like all Spring times, we are blessed with the opportunity to reset and rebirth on many levels.
We are being invited into a period of reevaluation and growth after our months of winter hibernation and excess time in our homes.

This is an opportunity to really step out of the heaviness you may have experienced intermittently, or more ongoing, and ask yourself some deeper questions to really ignite the reset and redirection that is available to you now.

•What have I learned about myself in this time of quiet?
• Where is my energy feeling spread thin and where does it feel ignited in life?
• What is my body telling me I need? Where do I feel that?
• What experience do I want to have moving forward?
• What is holding me back from having the experience I desire to have?

Setting a new intention or reaffirming a current intention on an ongoing basis is an amazing way to check in with yourself and continue the process of course correction as you step closer to a deeper sense of peace, love and alignment in life.

Life is here not to perfect, but to learn from and gain continual feedback.
It is here to teach us about our souls purpose and how to intertwine that with our human experience which can be messy, and should be - lessons live in the challenges.
Without such lessons we would be stagnant and unevolved.
Personal evolution is the main purpose of our existence; to experience the full plethora of all emotions, experiences and to realise the greatness we are entitled to in this lifetime.

Remembering whatever you are tackling in life doesn't need to be difficult and can be easy and fluid is the freeing choice you can make for yourself.
This realisation often only dawns on us as we navigate hardship first. Not because we must, but because we are taught to struggle in life, to work hard and once sacrifice is established we will be worthy.
This is not the case at all, we get to decide what we allow into our life with ease and flow being the primary catalyst of that.

Set your intentions for this unveiling and upgrading of your personal power as we step into Spring, the season for rebirth. Honour the body, mind, heart and soul that we are blessed to express through every single day.

Choose where you spend your energy wisely and in alignment with what feels like growth and abundance. Keep taking that next best step and you will reach a level of fulfilment each and every day.
This uncertain time is one where you get to create certainty and trust within yourself. You are your home-base, nurture and build upon your intuition. It will be a beautiful navigator in life. 


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