Spring Detox Yoga Sequence

Blog post by Mimi Frieser, fitness trainer, yoga teacher, retreat leader, and The Yoga Box ambassador. Mimi is from Germany and now lives in Sunshine Coast. 

Spring time offers an opportunity to begin new rituals and healthy habits, let go of old and stagnant energy, and re-discover our practice. 

Showing up on your yoga mat is already a big achievement. It takes commitment and dedication to show up for our practice again and again. 

Checking in with yourself first thing in the morning is so precious and sometimes this check in can be very simple and gentle one too. Take a moment to sit or stand with nice posture, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself - How am I feeling today? How does my body feel? How am I showing up in the world? 

We prepared a Detox Yoga Sequence for you that allows you to start of your day gentle and helps you to kick start all systems with some nourishing twisting and squeezing moves to rinse out morning tiredness from muscles and bones.

Start lying on your back, lengthen your spine and take a moment to completely arrive with a few deep breaths.

Whenever you are ready, draw your right knee towards your chest as you keep pressing the left leg into the ground by interlacing the fingers around your shin. Hold this position for 6 deep breaths before you change over to the other side.

Find your spinal twist next, by pulling the right knee over to the left side, allowing your right foot to touch the ground on the left side of the body. Reach with your right arm over to the right side and try to flatten both of your shoulder blades. Hold it for 6 breaths before you change over to the opposite side.

Find your way up into a tabletop position with your hands aligned underneath your shoulders and your knees aligned underneath your hips. Round your spine and try to stretch all of your vertebrae apart and up to the ceiling, as you press the earth away from you. Vacuum you front body into your back body and hold this cat stretch for 6 breaths.

Come back into a neutral tabletop position and start to walk your hands out in front of you, with your hips staying on top of your knees. Your heart will melt towards the ground. Feel into your front body and how you can massage your organs by drawing your breath in deeply. Hold for 6 breaths.

By moving through a downward facing dog, find your way into a high lunge, with your right leg in front. Bring your hands together and cut with your arms through the air to place the left elbow on the outside of the right knee. Roll your bottom ribs up to you top ribs and twist your spine from a strong core. Hold for 6 breaths, release your twist and step back into down dog to change sides.

Step once more with your right leg to the front of the mat, shorten your stance and turn your left toes 45 degrees in. Square your hips to the front, as you lift your arms. Reach forward and over to your left side to come into twisted triangle pose, by placing the left hand on the outside of the right foot. Your right arm reaches up towards the sky. Find engagement through your core and twist from there to hold for 6 breaths.

With control release and step back into downward facing dog to change sides. (twisted triangle shown on the left side). Take two more sun salutations to allow your released energy to move on, then complete your practice in a relaxing Shavasana - lying on your back with eyes closed, enjoying some deep breaths and a moment to integrate the benefits of your practice. 


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