Why is yoga so good for you?

Maybe you have tried yoga a few times but it didn't really stick. Maybe you have never done yoga and always wondered if you should give it a go. 
Maybe you are a seasoned yogi and you already enjoy all the wonderful benefits of your practice. 
There are so many reasons why yoga gains more and more popularity around the world. Yoga has proven to improve well-being & health and has helped millions of people to feel healthier and happier. 
Yoga has hundreds of benefits, just to name a few: 
  • it helps you get in touch with your body - you will learn to notice what's going on with your body and become more aware if something isn't right.
  • it's a great workout - you will build long, lean muscle, get stronger in your core and back (back pain prevention), build arm strength, and in combination with a healthy diet - loose some unwanted kilograms. Many yoga postures combine physical strength with flexibility which makes it a unique way to work out.
  • less stress and anxiety, better mood - practicing yoga regularly assists in increase of the "feel good" hormones and chemicals (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins) in our system. You might experience this as the "yoga bliss" at the end of your practice. 
  • it will help improve your posture - you will learn how to prevent slouching and as your muscles get stronger and more flexible, your posture will improve visibly. As a side effect, you might notice how better posture correlates with better mood and higher confidence
  • regular yoga practice aids as a prevention of osteoporosis, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown and assist in improving bone health. It's not just your muscles that get stronger. 
  • you will breathe better - in yoga, you will learn breathing techniques that will allow you to take longer, deeper breaths. That's beneficial not only for increasing lung capacity and your oxygen intake but also for stress and anxiety management.
  • yoga and meditation will help you process everything that goes on in your life. You will learn to quiet your mind, allow time for healing and restoring (not just of the body, but also the mind), and to simply turn off 
Here is a cute iconographic for you: 
We hope you now feel inspired and motivated to get on your yoga mat! Your mind and body will thank you ;-) 
The Yoga Box Team 

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