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A gratitude journal is, quite simply, a tool to keep track of the good things in life. No matter how difficult and defeating life can sometimes feel, there is always something to feel grateful for. This beautiful yet simple Gratitude Journal will be your anchor during challenging times and your reminder of the blessings in your life. 

Gratitude journaling, like many gratitude practices, can lower your stress levels; It can help you feel calmer, especially at night;

Journaling can give you a new perspective on what is important to you and what you truly appreciate in your life;

By noting what you are grateful for, you can gain clarity on what you want to have more of in your life, and what you can do without;

Gratitude journaling can help you find out and focus on what really matters to you;

Keeping a gratitude journal helps you learn more about yourself and become more self-aware;

Your gratitude journal is for your eyes only, so you can write anything you feel without worrying about judgement from others;

On days when you feel blue, you can read through your gratitude journal to readjust your attitude and remember all the good things in your life.

Hardcover, 144 pages

14.7cm (L) x 21cm (W) x 2cm (W)